In this podcast we provide an overview of the new features of EDIUS 9.50.

- Multicam audiosync
- Blackmagic RAW
- ProRes export with alpha channel
- Further improvements in EDIUS
- Improvements in Mync

(with Greek Subtitles)

he EDIUS 9.50 update is available for free for existing EDIUS 9.x customers:

Blackmagic RAW footage:

To find out more about EDIUS and for a free trial version please visit:

At this year’s trade show “Digitalschnittmesse 2019” in Munich, Grass Valley gave an outlook on the new Audio Sync feature in EDIUS. This feature will be available with the next EDIUS 9.50 update. The coming update will also include other additional features and is expected to be released in September 2019. In the following report from the trade show the Audio Sync function is explained in more detail:
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The Titler Pro 5 of the American manufacturer NewBlue is now part of EDIUS 9, including two template packages. The EDIUS 9 optimized title program thus now includes more than 120 high-quality templates for the professional creation of intros, animations, titles, lower thirds and end titles. The templates can be customized and saved as a separate template list.

Beyond the templates, the title pack features 536 effects, 412 transitions, 89 styles, 39 paragraph styles, 30  shapes and 19 lightings.

Apart from English, the title program has been completely translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish, which will make it even easier for many users to get familiar with the program.

The Titler Pro 5 answers to the demand from many users that have been looking for a solution that offers significantly more options than the EDIUS Quick Titler and yet easy to use.

The Titler Pro 5 with a value of more than 400€ is offered free of charge to all registered and future EDIUS 9 users.

Just like EDIUS, the Titler Pro 5 in the EDIUS-Version can also be used without any limitation in time.

NewBlue Titler Pro 5 can be downloaded on the EDIUS-ID Website.

Below you find a detailed instruction for download and installation as well as tips and tricks:
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In this podcast we will introduce EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition to you.
This special edition is only available until the 31st August 2019. It has the same functionality as the regular EDIUS Pro 9 version but is cheaper.

To find out more about EDIUS please visit

In this video you will get to know how to measure loudness in EDIUS.
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